Friday, 5 November 2010

Well hello, handsomes

You wait ages for an interview, and then two come along at once. One here at Run Riot and another one here, over at Nik Perring's blog. Oh, and it's Bonfire Night, so go and read my just-published story about it.

In other news, I am within sniffing distance of completing the first draft of my new novel. Go me!

In other news two, Misfits is back (on Thursday), which if you haven't seen you really should (you can watch the first series on the Channel 4 player still, I think) with Being Human (which is thankfully much better than its childish fanboy-laden website) to follow in the not too distant future, so that's winter viewing sorted then, while I await the saccharine joy of Lark Rise.

Happy sparklering. Remember - pets inside with the radio or TV on please, people. (You're probably okay with goldfish or deaf animals actually, but you know what I mean.)

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