Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Writing is Like... #3

Writing is just like having a baby for these reasons:

- gestation is definitely involved.
- to get the thing out there you need to give a really big push. or two. or six hundred. And, golly, that really hurts.
- you feel warmly towards your little WIP sometimes, and other times you wish it would just hurry up and be done with you.
- eating a lot of cake is mandatory.
- when it's over with you're left with something you want to show off to friends, family, and the entire of Facebook and Twitter.
- although it's probably not as perfect as you'd hoped, and since "publication" date you seem to be having trouble sleeping.
- public appearances are fraught with difficulty, you've definitely put on weight, and how come you suddenly have to put up with so much shit?

Writing is definitely not like having a baby because:
- you can forget about writing, have a day off, and go and sit in the garden instead.
- once you've finished your little WIP you can dispose of it if you so choose.
- and you definitely don't have to put it through university or pay for its wedding to another little WIP.
- writing hurts. it really does. but, trust me on this, it doesn't hurt as much as having a baby.
- although while having the baby you can get lots of lovely drugs for free. When you're writing a novel, you have to pay for them yourself.


Abi said...

haha, a lot of what you say applys to painting too; you can very violently dispose of a painting and be left only with a sense of self satisfaction. This piece really made me laugh :)

Aliya Whiteley said...

Thanks Abi!

Alis said...

Another way it's like having a baby - when it goes out there into the world, people can meet it all by themselves without you there to explain it to them and tell them what a hard time it had coming into the world. And sometimes they like it and sometimes they don't...
Totally agree about Sam Gamgee by the way - who was it who called Elijah Wood as Frodo a 'slap faced little elf'? - perfectly described the character as represented in the LOTR franchise.

Aliya Whiteley said...

Yes, that's a good description for Frodo. I'm surprised that everyone hates him so much. Doesn't he have any fans? Beginning to feel sorry for the poor little mucker.