Friday, 15 February 2008

Serendipity 6

Ben and I have somehow managed to keep to our target of publishing one issue of of magical realist and contemporary fantasy stories every month, as evidenced by the sixth, woman's only, issue of Serendipity

And, no nepotism here (as we're not related), but this issue features a reprint of Madame Whiteley's classic tale of an emerald green penguin. I would urge you to read the lead story too, Joanna Gardner's Where the Stream Comes From.

We have no trouble getting decent fiction for the magazine, but are a bit lacking on the non-fiction front, so if anyone fancies a bash. (We average over 1,000 readers each issue and over a 100 subscribers to our mailing list, so it's not just whispering into the void.) We're also looking for a guest editor for our June issue. If anyone fancies it, let me know.

In other news, our daffodils have begun to flower and everything's budding. I've a bad feeling I've messed up the trimming of our clematises (clemati?) again.

Word of the day: Forewarn. To warn. (Why not just use warn then? I have NO IDEA!)

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Sam Hayes said...

Hello both! Your blog gymnastics have inspired me to dust of my incredibly neglected blogger account. Soon. I must take first prize for being the most infrequent blogger ever. Hope all's well and the joint project's going fine. Sam xx