Friday, 18 July 2008

Dick and Jane and Neil too

Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of A Dick & Jane Primer for Adults. This is a fun/peculiar and extremely dark little collection of stories. As I've previously mentioned, it's exclusive to members of the British Fantasy Society, but if you're interested in getting hold of a copy without membership, it may be worth contacting them. As well as my piece, which if I was feeling self-aggrandizing I'd perhaps describe as a mini-Shakespearean tragedy, but if I was feeling realistic I might go as far as saying it's a crime story, there are some clever stories from Conrad Williams, James Lovegrove, Adam Roberts and Liz Williams, among others. The book's edited by Lavie Tidhar.


Matt Curran said...

Hi, Neil

Got my copy last week. Will never ever read Dick and Jane in the same way again!
The collection was superb (one of the best freebies the BFS has given away for a while) and I loved Envy...

Neil said...

Thanks. Glad you liked it, Matt.