Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Responding to Aliya responding to David

The time-travelling one with the cure for malaria

An SF novelette called Skipping Stones, due for serialised inclusion in Farrago's Wainscot. This is the story's third acceptance. One of the other publishers turnedaround the decision to publish and the second one folded. This story was co-written with Ekaterina Sedia.

The novel condensed into a short story which is actually rather good

A proper, literary short story this one, covering the lifetime of a couple and its family.

The science fiction gangster book with Aliya

Kind of the purpose of this blog, if someone publishes it. 'Under consideration' at the moment

The story with Aliya

This one is called Overturned and is split into three viewpoints: a girl's fantasy, a crime caper and a relationship breakdown

The other story with Aliya

Another story that was accepted, sat on for about two years and then the publisher decided not to release the book. This is in a kind of 2000ad post-apocalypse stylee

And uncompleted:

The Novel

I've actually been making some more headway on this recently. Who knows, might have it finished before dead o'clock

The Young Adult

I lost the manuscript. I need to re-write the whole thing.

The science fiction rock musical

Not as bad as We Will Rock You sounds. It has shades of Christopher Marlowe, Mary Shelley, Alice in Chains and Creedence Clearwater Revival

There is more, but that's all you're getting for now.


David Isaak said...

Those sound great, especially the musical.

I'd always thought Creedence Clearwater Revival and Mary Shelley had a certain affinity. But what sort of band was Kit Marlowe in?

Aliya Whiteley said...

You wrote a cure for malaria book too? It must be catching.

Neil said...

Kit Marlowe was in a drag version of the Pussycat Dolls.

Ms Whiteley--boom boom.

Tim Stretton said...

Hey, you must be the man to write the bizarre project which popped into my head other day:

"Hansel and Gretel: the Opera - on Mopeds"

Come on, it's great!