Thursday, 20 November 2008

Not gone, but forgotten

Things must be bad when I'm comparing myself to George W, huh? So why am I here?

Well it looks like Aliya has tempted me back by posting about reality tv shows. I can't leave a post about them sitting at the top of this blog.

So why the protracted absense? They seem to happen a lot with me, don't they.

The reasons are manifold, but include two main points:

1. Since having bubba, I changed my hours. My rather long commute into London now involves me not being able to sit down, which is the time I used to reserve for writing the odd blog post, amongst many other things.
2. Work. I've been working on a bit annual project that recently finished, in addition to which there's been an awful lot of normal work on.

I promise to make more effort in future. Sorry.


Tim Stretton said...

Welcome back, Neil.

Maybe there's a reality TV show to be made about not getting a seat on the train to work. Last Commuter Standing?

Nik's Blog said...

Yes, good to see you back.


Nik's Blog said...

And don't be working too hard...

Neil said...

Thanks, gentlemen.

Tim, if there is, I don't want to be on it!

Apparently the Brighton to London line is changing come mid-December in an effort to ease commuter congestion. As far as I can tell this will work by stopping customers like me, who use midway stations in commuter towns, actually boarding the trains by no longer stopping at our stations. Happy new year from Southern.