Thursday, 9 July 2009

A man in need

Scott Pack of The Friday Project needs a new pen, and you can help him get one.

If anyone's listening, I'm a cheap ballpoint man myself. And fountain pens are no use, as, like Madame Whiteley, I'm a sinistral and end up with a sleeve smeared in ink and a blotty page.


Tim Stretton said...

I have a tub of 50 biros from Staples - medium gauge, black ink. They'll last for years and they cost about a fiver.

On the rare occasions I don't feel like slumming it I have a Waterman fountain pen which I can fill with sepia ink: great as long as you don't want to write quickly.

Aliya Whiteley said...

I have a lucky pen. It's a silver ball-point. My bro bought it for me when I first got published.

If I ever lose it I'll never be able to write again. So I get a bit tetchy when Hubby takes it out of my bag and uses it to write scribbly notes about milk and working late and stuff.