Saturday, 8 August 2009

Snog, marry, avoid?

We're all about the puerile games here. But I'm going to give it a literary twist. For those that don't know the rules, the object is to take a selection of three people and, rather chivalrously, decide on which one you would like to have a... ah... romantic liaison with, which you would like to devote the rest of your life to, and who you would push in the opposite direction of the nearest swimming pool if they were on fire.

For instance, from three of Haruki Murakami's books, I would opt for a romantic session with Sputnik Sweetheart, spend from here to eternity with The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, and put on a funny accent and pretend I'd moved home if Hard-boiled Wonderland at the End of the World Came knocking.

So here are three options for you.

First, for those what like the ladies, some celebrity women capable of springing more than a couple of their own words together, fashion model and novelist Sophie Dahl, journalist and tv sultry cook Nigella Lawson and comedienne and best-selling author of autobiography of Dear Fatty, Dawn French.

And for those who are more amorously inclined towards the male of the species, you've these literary heavyweight Ians to choose from: Ian McEwan, Iain Banks and Ian Rankin.

And, drop your own in the comments or make a meme, as they say, of this and repost on your own blog.


David said...

Neil, is the idea to answer based on physical attraction or what you think of their books? And either way, isn't it quite an unfair comparison to have three male novelists and three women who are more famous for something other than their books?

Tim Stretton said...

Am I allowed avoid, avoid, avoid?

Neil said...

Well, David, if I'd done the same for the men, you would have got Alexei Sayle, Ben Elton and Stephen Fry. I thought that would be a bit cruel.

Tim, just because I was a spoilsport with the talking animals, doesn't mean you need to be here.