Sunday, 3 January 2010

Come on ladies, don't be shy

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry for my absence over December. I've been working hard, Christmassing hard, and most of all, app-conceiving hard.

See, in around about late March/early April, an 'enhanced edition' of my novel, Red Diesel, will be released. This is being produced by Russell Quinn, who is the same chap that did the lovely McSweeney's app for the iPhone. I'll have lots more news soon, including a proper explanation of what an enhanced edition is, but for now, can I just ask that any lovely ladies frequenting this blog join Ms Whiteley up on the Flickr group 'I Am Mila' as she's feeling a bit lonely. I just want a good dozen or so pics on there before we start promoting the competition to all and sundry, just so newcomers don't feel too intimidated to post having to measure up to just the one beauty. (It's a competition to find a cover star for the app.)

Also, chaps, as you're not allowed to enter the competition, being of the wrong gender, could you please share the news there and thereabouts?


Aliya Whiteley said...

Yes, c'mon all the ladies I know - I look like a berk up there on my own.

Matt Curran said...

Thanks for this Neil. Having joined the i-phone generation four weeks ago, I find this very useful and will hunt down the app when it's released.

On a side note, I'm a definite i-phone convertee. It's bloody brilliant, both on blogging, twitting, Googling and I've even been using Stanza to upload my works in progressed so I can edit on the go - which is great except frequent editing on the i-phone turns your hands into mishapen claws.
Ain't technology great?

Sorry Aliya. I can't help you on Flickr, not being a lady and all.

Frances Garrood said...

Neil if I understood what it was I was being invited to do, I woudl happily oblige. And what's an app?

Neil said...

Thanks, Matt.

Frances, see my latest post. Hopefully it explains all.

Aliya Whiteley said...

Can't you just put a wig and a bit of lippy on, Matt?