Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Doug Worgul's Thin Blue Smoke is finally coming out in paperback, and it has a luvverly cover. To whit:

In other news, Aliya and I and a bunch of MNW authors met up on Monday at Brown's in Covent Garden and a nice old chat was had by all. I'm sure Matt Curran will be posting some of the pictures he got the waitress to take in lieu of not bringing him any pudding.

And also, I suppose this should have gone at the top really, a winner has been selected to be the cover model for The New Goodbye. Congratulations to Cat Lane (she's the one in the picture below, which she also took). Nicole will be shooting the cover sometime early next month.

Also included in the app as they made the shortlist are Susie Harrison, Saroj Patel, Jaci Berkopec, Sam George and Alle Mind. Thanks to everyone else who submitted.


Doug Worgul said...

Thank you, Aliya!

Aliya Whiteley said...

You're very welcome Doug, but Neil posted it. Although I do agree that it's a spiffing cover.

Tim Stretton said...

Good cover model, Neil.

I used my daughter on one self-pub which made everyone involved happy but did somewhat reek of amateurism...

Matt Curran said...

Hi Neil

Will post some pictures of the meeting soon over on the MNW blog – need to get my laptop working properly first and unfortunately posting photos on blogs is one thing the iphone isn’t good at!

Great to meet you both again