Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Which type of writer are you?

I'm sure Mr Cords and his gold-pantalooned friend are lovely people, but, but if no one tells them, they're not going to learn, are they?

Following Aliya's post, here's my theory about the social archetypes of writer:

Tier 5 - gregarious failures (ie, they are too get round to writing enough)
Tier 4 - introverted minor successes
Tier 3 - gregarious mainstream commercial successes
Tier 2 - literary snobs
Tier 1 - tortured geniuses

So, which one are you?


Aliya Whiteley said...

I don't think I'm any of those, am I?

I'm sure you'll put me straight, Neil.

Alis said...

Not sure I'm any of those but would love to be a mix of 3 and 4! I'll leave you to work out what the mix would be!