Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Feed me

If you hadn't noticed, you can now enjoy Veggiebox in the comfort of your own RSS Feed. There are the little RSS icons top right, or, if you're with blogger, you can follow us from the link at the bottom of the page. We've also added a Book Trade feed to the bottom of the page, in case you're bored of us spouting nonsense and would prefer some real content for a change.

Talking of feeding me, what are your cooking specialities? Mine's probably a vegetable and bacon risotto. If you're lucky, maybe I'll post the recipe.

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Aliya Whiteley said...

Why does it say 'Don't Look Now' down the bottom? It's creepy. And you don't even like that film, Neil.

I do a mean coddle. Slice potatoes thinly, lay at bottom of oven dish. Fry bacon, onion, mushrooms, sausages in a big mess. Put on top of potatoes. Pour over stock and red wine. Add thyme and a bay leaf. Bung in oven for two hours so it's skirting on burnt on the top, and serve with big lumps of bread. Don't add vegetables.

It's not the healthiest.