Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Book Settlement--I heart/hate Google

For anyone not in the know, you should go and claim your work in the big Google book settlement. I'm still looking into the options regarding taking the money and running, and holding out with all the other righteous holier-than-thou writers.

If you're cheap like me, and grateful to Google for, well, being Google, rather than hating them for, well, being Google--thanks for the free blogging software by the way!--it's $100 for a novel and $15 for a short story or other 'insert'. Very simple to do too.

On the other hand, Jay Lake has already given voice to my main reservations about the whole affair, ie, Google have infringed copyright, stolen work and strong-armed every author and original published illustrator with works available into the US into either accepting their terms, or actively seeking out their infringement and either fighting it, or, far more realistically, just ignoring it and walking away with no money and no presence in what's likely to be the world's largest digital archive of written work. And I guess if I choose to deal and get paid, they'll also want my bank details, about the only thing they don't already know about me.

We heart/hate Google

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