Saturday, 19 September 2009

In response to the response to the last post

and indeed:

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......

Ain't got no place to lay your head
Somebody came and took your bed
Don't worry, be happy
The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don't worry, be happy
Lood at me I am happy
Don't worry, be happy
Here I give you my phone number
When you worry call me
I make you happy
Don't worry, be happy
Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style
Ain't got not girl to make you smile
But don't worry be happy
Cause when you worry
Your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down
So don't worry, be happy (now).....

There is this little song I wrote
I hope you learn it note for note
Like good little children
Don't worry, be happy
Listen to what I say
In your life expect some trouble
But when you worry
You make it double
Don't worry, be happy......
Don't worry don't do it, be happy
Put a smile on your face
Don't bring everybody down like this
Don't worry, it will soon past
Whatever it is
Don't worry, be happy


Aliya Whiteley said...

That's all very well, but every station plays a little Radiohead every once in a while, dunnit?

Neil said...

Well, no, I don't think Magic does actually. Or Heart for that matter--which ironically I find the most miserable of stations.

All I'm saying is there's a difference between realising how rubbish/great things are in general, and letting it adversely affect you. If you're going to let it get you down so completely, what's the point? (New post will follow.)

Aliya Whiteley said...

I never suspected you of being so upbeat. Particularly given your predilection for writing about death, broken families and general mardiness.

I'll have what you're having.

Neil said...

Yeah, guess I must work it all out on the page, huh?