Saturday, 1 March 2008

Ladies who launch

I’m sure a pleasant evening was had by all at Goldsboro Books, for the launch party of Ms Whiteley’s new book that if you haven’t bought and read already, what are you doing reading this? Go to Amazon now and buy it.

I was impressed by the Macmillan New Writing turnout. It’s surely rare that a book imprint has such a community built up around it. Flying the MNW flag along with the editor and PR department were LC Tyler, Matt Curran, a lady with pink hair whose name someone please fill me in on, and I think the tall fellow in the corner I didn’t get a chance to meet was Tim Stretton. Hello, Tim. There was representation from Aliya’s agency too.

I would have liked to have said more than a brief passing hello to Ian Hocking, who was also there, along with his better half. I did have a bit of a chat to the very nice Alice Tait, who illustrated the cover and was in attendance with her fiancé, and the two phantom book-counting, tomato-loving veggiebox aficionados, one of whom was responsible for the spooky trailer for Light Reading, who both travelled down to London with Aliya and her parental entourage.

There were also several—count them: several—readers. I think this is the first time I have seen them in public in relation to mine or Aliya’s work. It was an eerie moment watching her sign a book for a—in case you missed it last time—reader. Their attendance was in some ways probably more appreciated than anyone else, if slightly intimidating. The whole experience has interfered slightly with my ambitions to get a proper book published.

All in all I’m sure she’s very pleased with how it all went, if a little weirded out that her book was everywhere and there was a billboard-sized picture of her face in the display window.

And no, I didn't take any pictures either.


Matt Curran said...

Hi Neil, Hi Aliya

It was great to finally meet both of you on Thursday. It was a fantastic event - well supported and a good turn out by the MNWers. I didn't know Tim Stretton was also there - bugger! Also Jonathan Drapes made a brief appearance but I didn't get a chance to chat with him either.

(I'm usually the one who has several glasses of wine, gets a little squiffy and ends up having rambling conversations with people - my sincere apologies to Dr Hocking!).

It was great to chat with you both (still in awe of that ability to write a book between you despite meeting only 3 times in the flesh - as Neil said, "ah, the wonders of the Internet")!

Take care and best wishes


Tim Stretton said...

If ever a description of me was inappropriate, it's "tall fellow", unless the gathering is the Pygmies Annual Congress.

I had hoped to come along but, unfortunately and inevitably, something pressing in the world of accounts came up at the last minute.

Sorry I couldn't make it - hurry up with the next book, Aliya, so I can come to that launch instead!

Aliya Whiteley said...

Tim - will do!

Neil said...

Tim, I reckon that could have been a stray RAF pilot then. I should really wear my glasses more.