Friday, 28 March 2008

Writing a book together - the saga continues

I have just sent Aliya my edit, sans hyphens, of the third draft of the book. This is the point when I feel like the end is near, where I'm close to ordering the champagne and vol-au-vonts for the wrap party and shouting 'We did it! The book is finished. Publishers lock-up your daughters!'

This feeling lasts for as long as it takes Aliya to respond with something like: 'You know I said the hyphens were a problem? That was just to give you a chance at a warm-up. The real problem is this, and this, and that...'

Fingers and toes crossed everyone. She's firm but fair.

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Aliya Whiteley said...

I've already spotted one hyphen I want to kill and I'm only on page four of your edit.

Oh, and I think your main character should be changed from the sensitive European type to a blue penguin called Ethel. Maybe Tim Stretton will buy it then.