Friday, 9 October 2009

Reader, I couldn't find him...

So yesterday I started looking for an ebook reader in earnest. D'you know what--correct me if I'm wrong here someone who knows better, but, in the UK, unless you're happy to use an iPhone (which I'm--screen's too small and I don't use my phone enough to warrant the expense), I'd say don't bother. Sony's Touch looks okay, but it's not wireless, and is stupidly expensive, and you have to buy a separate memory card. The Blackwells BeBook has an MP3 player--groovy, but looks like you shouldn't pay more than about twenty quid for it (stick a nought on that for the actual price) and the Kindle, which I'm sure is very nice, looks too big and has that hulking pointless keypad on it.

I know there's likely to be a Kindle DX (the wireless version) in the UK next year, but I'm sure that'll be a stupid price too. We appear to be at the stage that laptops hung at for years, overpriced and underperforming.

Anyone know of a decent wireless reader available in the UK for under two hundred pounds? Even the internet is coming up empty-handed.

Personally, I'd love for Philips to produce an EPUB-compatible Iliad that isn't at a stupid price. No doubt if they do it'll launch in the US a year before we get a sniff of it over here.

And how about those of you in America? Do you have a reader? Do you like it?

And Borders Charing Cross Road--shame on you. You had about twenty display models and none available to buy, and wouldn't even let me try one properly.


Matt Curran said...

Hi Neil

I've also been tempted to pick up an e-reader, but have been dissuaded for these very reasons. They're way too expensive at the moment, and for a single use device, they're not viable. The Sony Touch is clunky, appearing like the ZX81 of PDAs, and the BeBook looks like it will break in less than a week. With Amazon being utterly unrealistic about the Kindle, I'll be waiting for the new Tablets to come out - devices that you can e-read, surf the net, play music and watch films etc. The screens will be bigger (about 8-9") so you won't strain the old eyes reading the latest Jane Austen, and yeah, it will probably cost a wee bit, but no more than the Kindle does now...

The e-book revolution is coming, but it definitely won’t be here until we get the Blu-ray of e-readers on the streets and it retails below the price of a standard netbook.

Neil said...

It's a shame, Matt. I was hoping to bag one for Christmas. Will make publishing a hell of a lot cheaper in the future. Shame some of the publishers seem so wary of it at the moment. (I can understand why printers and print production staff would be.)