Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dick, Jane and the Beatniks, man

Lavie Tidhar, he of travelling and science fiction short story fame (he has the lead story in the current issue of Interzone), quite some time back commissioned a load of stories for his Dick & Jane Primer for Adults. The stories come from folks like Adam Roberts, Conrad Williams, James Lovegrove, and son. There's an absolutely cracking story from Liz Williams and, yes, this isn't all about the altruism as there's a story from me in there too. Well, it is finally be published, in June, but only available to members of the British Fantasy Society. I'm assuming it will be mailing out with Prism, their magazine.

In other news, it looks like back in August of last year, hepcat online litzine the Beat published one of my stories. They may have told me about it, but if they did, I forgot. You can read it for free anyway, and it's quite good. It's called The Flautist.


Matt Curran said...

Excellent, Neil

Can't wait for it to land on my doorstep. The BFS publications are the best thing about being a member (Prism is good too, but the news is always a few months out of date!).

Neil said...

Thanks, Matt. Let me know what you think. I'm not relying on the contributor copy to get to me any time soon.

Tim Stretton said...

Have been thinking about joining the BFS myself -do you chaps recommend it?

Neil said...

I'm not a member, Tim. It's worth going along to one of their open nights though. The Christmas ones are the bigger and better ones.