Monday, 5 May 2008

Have I got a question of books for you?

A while ago I had the idea of doing a book quiz similarly to popular tv quiz formats; this was before I was aware of BBC4's The Book Quiz, hosted by Kirsty Wark, with an audience that was rejected by Mastermind for being too dull and a group of particularly repressed contestants in the main that have nothing in common more than they have something to do with publishing or fiction and poetry journalism. Of more interest than most is Daisy Goodwin, who spends the majority of the shows she has been in looking at her fingernails and avoiding eye contact with people, like she'd rather be anywhere else. I know not everyone interested in books is a social abomination looking to do no more than further the idea of books as being nerdish, but someone forgot to tell that to the producers of the programme. In some ways it's made me more interested in putting together this little quiz, if only to show that writers can be erudite, witty and personable in reality as well as on the page.


Aliya Whiteley said...

Is the problem that you can't find enough witty and erudite writers to make up a panel?

I saw the Society of Authors on University Challenge. I know how bad these writers can be when you gather them into a team.

David Isaak said...

"Kirsty Wark"? That's a person?

Sounds like a medieval place name. The Battle of Kirsty Wark. The Mill at Kirsty-Wark-on-Tyne. The Kirsty Wark Wildlife Trust.

Neil said...

See, David is living proof, writers can be funny. She has been comprehensively Wikipediaed:

I think we can get a panel together, it's just the logistics. Could do an email version, as long as people swear on their holy copy of David Copperfield that they won't cheat.