Friday, 30 May 2008

Whole lotta slugs

I'm having a naff time of it on the veggie front. My cucumbers--possibly the slowest growing plant on the planet--were doing so well, reaching for their canes with loving tenderness. I was looking forward to the flowers more than anything as I'm not that big on cucumbers. But then the rains came, and the slugs, and where last night I had two fine if short specimens of cucumber plants, this morning there was just a tiny bent stalk and a fat slug. What a waste of a gro-bag.

And my tomato plant's unhappy too. It's asking where the sunshine went, and why Aliya doesn't like it.

Sorry to be boring, but my favourite LedZep song is Whole Lotta Love. That and Riverside Blues.

Bon voyage, Mms Whiteley.

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